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Sensor de humedad basado en nanoparticulas de oxido de hierro soportadas en sepiolita
Influence of the dopants on the electrical resistance of hematite-based humidity sensors 2005
Materials Development for CO-detection with improved selectivity through catalytic activation 2006
Conoscenza e conservazione di testimonianze storico-architettoniche: il nucleo architettonico di Thures nell'alta valle di Susa 2006
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Development of a porous layer catalytically activated for improving gas sensors performances 2007
Stato degradativo corticale dell'edificio L.L.P.P. del Comune di Torino sito in piazza San Giovanni 2008
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Preparation and mechanical characterization of dense and porous zirconia produced by gel casting with gelatin as a gelling agent 2009
Mechanical properties of cellular ceramics obtained by gel casting: characterization and modeling 2009
Influence of carbon nanotubes structure on the mechanical behavior of cement composites 2009
Humidity sensors based on nanocrystalline iron oxides 2009
Preparation of hematite based humidity sensors by means of electrophoretic deposition technique 2010
Room temperature ammonia sensors based on zinc oxide and functionalized graphite and multi-walled carbon nanotubes 2011
Pipeline inspection gauge per ispezione interna di condotte 2011
Organic-inorganic material for the consolidation of plaster 2011
Dense and porous zirconia prepared by gelatine and agar gel-casting: Microstructural and mechanical characterization 2011
New NOx sensors based on hematite doped with alkaline and alkaline-earth elements 2011
Carbon nanotubes cement composites 2011
Electrical characterization of room temperature humidity sensors in La0.8Sr0.2Fe1−xCuxO3 (x = 0, 0.05, 0.10) 2012
Carbon Nano beads (CNBs): a new ingredient in reinforcing materials 2012
The reinforcement of ancient timber-joints with carbon nano-composites 2013
A new non invasive method to evaluate the detachments of plasters. First results 2013
Strontium-Doped Hematite as a Possible Humidity Sensing Material for Soil Water Content Determination 2013
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Microstructural study of aged ferrite powders for sensing layers 2013
Materiale composito da costruzione 2013
Environmental Technology, Materials Science, Architectural Design, and Real Estate Market Evaluation: A Multidisciplinary Approach for Energy-Efficient Buildings 2013
Diagnostic application of nonlinear ultrasonics to characterize degradation by expansive salts in masonry systems 2013
Dense and cellular zirconia produced by gel casting with agar: Preparation and high temperature characterization 2013
Ba-Doped Iron Oxide as a New Material for NO2 Detection 2013
Application of new organic-inorganic materials as consolidants for deteriorated plasters 2013
A visible and long-wavelength photocured epoxy coating for stone protection 2014
The plasters of the Sacro Monte of Varallo Sesia. From the characterisation to the proposition of a restorative mix 2014
Improvements in self-consolidating cementitious composites by using micro carbonized aggregates 2014
Experimental Investigation on Use of Wheat Straw Ash and Bentonite in Self-Compacting Cementitious System 2014
Epoxy monomers consolidant for lime plaster cured via a redox activated cationic polymerization 2014
Diagnosis of the surface layer damage in a 1960s reinforced concrete building 2014
Biological response to purification and acid functionalization of carbon nanotubes 2014
An Acrylic Latex Filled with Zinc Oxide by Miniemulsion Polymerization as a Protective Coating for Stones 2014
Setup of Extruded Cementitious Hollow Tubes as Containing/Releasing Devices in Self-Healing Systems 2015
New cementitious composite building material with enhanced toughness 2015
Nano- and Microsized Phases in the WO3-ZnO-Nd2O3-Al2O3 System for Applications in Environmental Monitoring 2015
Mortar Made of Recycled Sand from C&D 2015
Modified fracture properties of cement composites with nano/micro carbonized bagasse fibers 2015
Improvement in electromagnetic interference shielding effectiveness of cement composites using carbonaceous nano/micro inerts 2015
High performance self-consolidating cementitious composites by using micro carbonized bamboo particles 2015
Crack path and fracture surface modifications in cement composites 2015
Corrigendum to "New cementitious composite building material with enhanced toughness" 2015
Sintered glass-ceramics from incinerator fly ashes. Part. II. The influence of the particle size and heat-treatment on the properties 2003