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Rivestimenti vetroceramici antiusura per leghe di alluminio 2003
Vetrificazione e riutilizzo di ceneri provenienti da inceneritori di rifiuti solidi urbani 2004
Properties of sintered glass ceramics in the diopside-albite system 2004
Production of glass-ceramic bodies from the bottom ashes of municipal solid waste incinerators 2004
Oxidation protective coating for SiC fibre reinforced glass matrix composites 2004
Oxidation Protective Glass-Ceramic Coating for SiC Fibre Reinforced Glass Matrix Composites 2004
Fast and low-cost synthesis of 1D ZnO-TiO2 core-shell nanoarrays: Characterization and enhanced photo-electrochemical performance for water splitting 2014
Thick mesoporous TiO2 films through a sol-gel method involving a non-ionic surfactant: Characterization and enhanced performance for water photo-electrolysis 2014
Charge transport improvement employing TiO2 nanotube array as front-side illuminated Dye-sensitized Solar Cell photoanode 2013
TiO2 Nanotube Array as Efficient Transparent Photoanode in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell with High Electron Lifetime 2013
Vertically aligned TiO2 nanotube array for high rate Li-based micro-battery anodes with improved durability 2013
An easy approach for the fabrication of TiO2 nanotube-based transparent photoanodes for Dye-sensitized Solar Cells 2013
High efficiency dye-sensitized solar cells exploiting sponge-like ZnO nanostructures 2012
Chemical composition of some Roman glass tesserae discovered in a calidarium located in Northern Italy 2003
Procedimento per la preparazione di materiali ceramici nanostrutturati 2004
Procedimento per la preparazione di materiali ceramici compositi nanostrutturati 2004
A method of preparing nanostructured composite ceramics materials 2005
Influence of the co-precipitation temperature on phase evolution in yttrium-aluminium oxide materials 2005
Different sintering routes for preparing alumina-yttrium aluminum garnet nanocomposites 2005
A method of preparing nanostructured composite ceramic materials 2006
Conventional sintering route for the production of alumina-based nanocomposites: a microstructural characterization 2006
Comparison among different sintering routes for preparing alumina-YAG nanocomposites 2006
Thermal and mechanical-induced phase transformation during YAG and Alumina-YAG syntheses 2007
Ageing of wet-synthesized oxide powders. Role of surface carbonation, effect on sintering, restoration 2007
YAG wet chemical synthesis from chlorides and nitrates precursors: effect on phase evolution and powder sinterability 2009
UV-Cured polysiloxane epoxy coatings containing titanium dioxide as photosensitive semiconductor 2009
Role of the dispersion route on the phase transformation of a nano-crystalline transition alumina 2009
Alumina-based nanocomposites obtained by doping with inorganic salt solutions: Application to immiscible and reactive systems 2009
Alumina-YAG composites: preparation, experimental characterization and numerical modelling 2009
Mechanical Characterization of Hydroxiapatite Micro/Macro-Porous Ceramics Obtained by Means of Innovative Gel-Casting Process 2010
Effect of various alumina nano-fillers on the thermal and mechanical behaviour of low-density polyethylene-Al2O3 composites 2010
Design, production and biocompatibility of nanostructured porous HAp and Si-HAp ceramics as three-dimensional scaffolds for stem cell culture and differentiation 2010
Phase and microstructural evolution of yttrium-doped nanocrystalline alumina: a contribution of advanced microscopy techniques 2011
Transparent YAG obtained by spark plasma sintering of co-precipitated powder. Influence of dispersion route and sintering parameters on optical and microstructural characteristics 2012
Differentiation of osteoblast and osteoclast precursors on pure and silicon-substituted synthesized hydroxyapatites 2012
Creep behaviour of alumina/YAG composites prepared by different sintering routes 2012
Surface and mechanical properties of transparent polycrystalline YAG fabricated by SPS 2013
Optimized Slurries for Spray Drying: Different Approaches to Obtain Homogeneous and Deformable Alumina-Zirconia Granules 2013
Microstructure and mechanical properties of alumina-5vol.%zirconia nanocomposites prepared by powder coating and powder mixing routes 2013
An IR and XPS spectroscopy assesment of the physico-chemical surface properties of alumina-YAG nanopowders 2013
Elaboration of alumina-zirconia composites: Role of the zirconia content on the microstructure and mechanical properties 2013
Analysis of the plasters of some relevant chapels of the Sacro Monte (Sacred Mountain) of Varallo Sesia, Piedmont, Italy 2013
Surface Coating of Oxide Powders: A New Synthesis Method to Process Biomedical Grade Nano-Composites 2014
Procedimento di produzione di compositi ceramici multifasici a base di zirconia 2014
Co-Precipitation of YAG Powders for Transparent Materials: Effect of the Synthesis Parameters on Processing and Microstructure 2014
Zirconia-based composites for biomedical applications: Role of second phases on composition, microstructure and zirconia transformability 2015
Towards long lasting zirconia-based composites for dental implants. Part I: Innovative synthesis, microstructural characterization and in vitro stability 2015
Structural ceramic nanocomposites: A review of properties and powders' synthesis methods 2015
Processing of alumina-zirconia composites by surface modification route with enhanced hardness and wear resistance 2015