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Organic-inorganic material for the consolidation of plaster

Organic-inorganic materials to be used as hydrophobic consolidants for plasters were synthesized starting from an inorganic precursor (Tetraethoxysilane [TEOS]), added to a polysiloxane epoxy formulation and thermally cured with Ytterbium as acid catalyst. The TEOS reduces the viscosity of the resin, contributing to the mechanical properties of the film, without causing cracking. Solvents, that are harmful for workers and environment and show some drawbacks in the practice of restoration, were not used. The film properties and the formation of silica clusters were investigated. The products were applied by brush on plaster's samples and their compatibility and effectiveness were verified. Thanks to the organic content, the products penetrate deeply, are more stable to photo-oxidative degradation, and the hydrophobicity of the resin, provided by the silicone component, is not altered.
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