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Preparation and characterization of glass ceramic matrix composites 1994
Glass and glass-ceramic matrix composites 1994
Interfacial equilibria in Ti-particles/glass ceramic composites 1994
Analysis of tensile, fracture and hardness behaviour of Al/SiC composites: influence of precipitation hardening and temperature 1994
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Thermal stability of Cu-K-V catalyst for diesel soot combustion 1996
Cu-K-V catalysts for diesel soot combustion 1996
Potential of mixed halides and vanadates as catalysts for soot combustion 1997
Mechanism of TiC formation in liquid aluminium 1997
Damage of 6061/SiCw composite by thermal cycling 1997
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Combustion of carbonaceous materials by Cusingle bondKsingle bondV based catalysts: I. Role of copper and potassium vanadates 1997
Suitability of some promising soot combustion catalysts for application in diesel exhaust treatment 1998
Combustion of carbon particulate catalysed by mixed potassium vanadates and KI 1998
Role of Al2O3 fibers (Saffil) in thermal treatment of 2014-Al2O3(f) composite 1999
Effect of chemical composition of isomorphous metavanadates on their catalytic activity towards carbon combustion 1999
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Catalytic traps for diesel particulate control 1999
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Diesel particulate abatement via catalytic traps 2000
Analisi termiche differenziali e dilatometriche su materiali compositi co-continui 2000
Fabrication of titanium matrix composites by high pressure plasma spraying 2001
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Hetoroporous heterogeneous ceramics for reusable thermal protection systems 2013
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Thermal fatigue behaviour of a 2014/Al2O3-SiO2 (Saffil Fibre) composite processed by squeeze casting 2000
Gravity casting processing of brake discs: use of partially recycled Al-Si-Mg/SiCp composite 2000
Degradation at 1200°C of a SiC coated 2D-Nicalon/C/SiC composite processed by SICFILL® method 2000
Forging of 2124/SiCp composite: preliminary studies of the effects on microstructure and strength 2001
Temperature and junction-type dependency of Andreev reflection in MgB2 2002
High temperature oxidation of multilayered SiC processed by tape casting and sintering 2002
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High temperature oxidation of SiC/C/SiCf and SiC/BN/SiCf composites 2002
Studies on kinetics and reactions mechanism of La2−xKxCu1−yVyO4 layered perovskites for the combined removal of diesel particulate and NOx 2003
Innovative means for the catalytic regeneration of particulate traps for diesel exhaust cleaning 2003
Production by solid/liquid reaction and characterization of high purity MgB2 powders and thick films for superconducting application 2004
Modelling of TBC system failure: Stress distribution as a function of TGO thickness and thermal expansion mismatch 2006
High catalytic activity of SCS-synthesized ceria towards diesel soot combustion 2006
Comprehensive spectral and instrumental approaches for the easy monitoring of features and purity of different carbon nanostructures for nanocomposite applications 2006
New ceramic heat exchangers with enhanced heat transfer properties for recuperative gas burners 2011
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Combustion synthesis of lanthanum chromite starting from water solutions: Investigation of process mechanism by DTA–TGA–MS 2004
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Catalyzed traps for diesel soot abatement: In situ processing and deposition of perovskite catalyst 2005
Method for forming a protective layer on a metallic turbine substrate 2006
Ageing of reticulate Si-SiC foams in porous burners Ageing of reticulate Si-SiC foams in porous burners 2010
Al2O3-ZrO2 nanocomposites produced by solution combustion synthesis followed by ultrasonic milling 2011
Si-SiC-ZrB2 ceramics by silicon reactive infiltration 2012