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Fabrication of short carbon fibre reinforced SiC multilayer composites by tape casting 2012
Oxidation Behavior at 1600 °C of Si-SiC-ZrB2 Composites Produced by Si Reactive Infiltration 2014
Processing of co-continuous ceramic composites by reactive penetration method: influence of composition of ceramic preforms and infiltrating alloys 2002
Premixed metal fibre burners based on a Pd catalyst 2003
Combustion synthesis of perovskite-type catalysts for natural gas combustion 2003
Procedimento di sintesi "in situ" di ossidi micro e nanostrutturati su di un supporto poroso 2005
Preparation of C4 ceramic/metal composites by reactive metal penetration of commercial ceramics 2006
High cycle fatigue study of metal–ceramic co-continuous composites 2006
Alumina–zirconia–yttria nanocomposites prepared by solution combustion synthesis 2006
Effect of porosity of cordierite preforms on microstructure and mechanical strength of co-continuous ceramic composites 2007
Potential of SiC multilayer ceramics for high temperature applications in oxidising environment 2008
NiAl(Si)/Al2O3 co-continuous composites by double reactive metal penetration into silica preforms 2008
Multilayer SiC for thermal protection system of space vehicles: Manufacturing and testing under simulated re-entry conditions 2008
MoSi2 laminate processed by tape casting: Microstructure and mechanical properties' investigation 2008
HfB2/SiC as a protective coating for 2D Cf/SiC composites: Effect of high temperature oxidation on mechanical properties 2008
Sonochemical preparation of high surface area MgAl2O4 spinel 2009
SiC-based multilayered composites containing short carbon fibres obtained by tape casting 2009
Preparation and properties of NiAl(Si)/Al2O3 co-continuous composites obtained by reactive metal penetration 2009
Mesoporous alumina obtained by combustion synthesis without template 2009
Investigation on surface properties of TiO2 films modified by DC glow discharge plasma 2009
Oxidation Resistance of Multilayer SiC for Space Vehicle Thermal Protection Systems 2010
Multilayer SiC for thermal protection system of space vehicles with decreased thermal conductivity through the thickness 2010
Microstructure and mechanical properties of co-continuous metal/ceramic composites obtained from Reactive Metal Penetration of commercial aluminium alloys into cordierite 2010
Mechanical and corrosion performance of SiC multilayer containing porous layers 2011
Thermophysical properties of SiC multilayer prepared by tape casting and pressureless sintering 2012
Self passivating behavior of multilayer SiC under simulated atmospheric re-entry conditions 2012
Microstructure and mechanical properties of short carbon fibre/SiC multilayer composites prepared by tape casting 2012
Cost effective glassy carbon brake pads solution for automotive systems 2012
Corrosion Behavior of SiC Laminate Under Decomposed Sulfuric Acid at 850°C 2012
Pressureless sintering of ZrB2–SiC composite laminates using boron and carbon as sintering aids 2013
Microstructure and mechanical properties of milled fibre/SiC multilayer composites prepared by tape casting and pressureless sintering 2013
Reactivity and Microstructure of Al2O3-Reinforced Magnesium-Matrix Composites 2014
Thermophysical Properties of Short Carbon Fiber/SiC Multilayer Composites Prepared by Tape Casting and Pressureless Sintering 2015
Oxidation behavior of ZrB2/SiC laminates: Effect of composition on microstructure and mechanical strength 2015