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Application of new organic-inorganic materials as consolidants for deteriorated plasters

This paper reports on a study of two organic-inorganic hybrid materials used as consolidants. Both formulations were synthesized from an inorganic precursor (Tetraethoxysilane, TEOS) added in different percentages (up to 60% per hundred resin) to a polysiloxane epoxy formulation (TEGO RC 1411) and to a cycloaliphatic epoxy resin (3,4 Epoxyciclohexylmethyl -3,4-epoxyciclohexane carboxylate), and cured in the presence of ytterbium as acid catalyst. The film properties and the formation of silica clusters were investigated. The products were applied on a sample of plaster and their compatibility and effectiveness were verified. Lately sustainability and green chemistry are important issues in the field of conservation; for thise reason no solvents, amines and nanoparticles were used in this study.
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