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Premixed metal fibre burners based on a Pd catalyst

As an alternative to previously developed catalytic FeCrAlloy fibre mat burners based on perovskite catalysts, new catalytic burners have been developed based on Pd catalyst on lantana-stabilised Al2O3 and different fibre structures (NIT100A, NIT100S and NIT200S by ACOTECH NV). All development steps are considered, shifting from catalyst preparation (based on combustion synthesis of γ-Al2O3) to the optimisation of lantana and Pd loadings, from the definitions of the best catalyst-deposition conditions (washcoating) to the catalytic burners performances, determined in an ad hoc developed combustion chamber. The results show almost half pollutants emissions and better performance compared to various non-catalytic counterparts, especially as far as CO and NOx emissions are concerned. Some flame instability problems were though registered, especially for one of the catalytic burner mattresses employed, at low specific power inputs and excesses of air (<375 kW/m2 and <12%, respectively). Further, PdO/Pd transition is shown to influence the dynamic behaviour of the catalytic burners.
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