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Interfacial equilibria in Ti-particles/glass ceramic composites

Titanium particle-reinforced glass ceramic matrix composites were prepared by sintering under an Ar atmosphere titanium particles (Tip) and the glass powders 45ZnO-15PbO-40B2O3 (mol%) (ZPB) for the ZPBT composites and 48.8SiO2-48.8CaO-2.4B2O3 (SCB) for the SCBT composites. Each composite was characterized by scanning electron microscopy, energy dispersive spectroscopy, X-ray diffraction and differential thermal analysis. In order to modify the interfacial strength of the composites, glass matrices with different amounts of TiO2 (TZPB and TSCB, 7 and 2.1 mol% TiO2, respectively) were prepared. TiO2 allows the formation of a continuous interface between Tip and the TSCB matrix and the modification of the interfacial equilibrium between Tip and the TZPB matrix.
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