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Leghe di titanio α-ß: effetto della temperatura di nitrurazione sulla morfologia e costituzione dello strato indurito 1989
Indurimento superficiale di acciai mediante borocarburazione 1989
Effect of boriding surface treatment on hydrogen embrittlement of UNI 30NiCrMo12 steel 1989
Surface engineering and chemical characterization in ion-nitrided titanium and titanium alloys 1990
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Potential of mixed halides and vanadates as catalysts for soot combustion 1997
Suitability of some promising soot combustion catalysts for application in diesel exhaust treatment 1998
Combustion of carbon particulate catalysed by mixed potassium vanadates and KI 1998
Effect of chemical composition of isomorphous metavanadates on their catalytic activity towards carbon combustion 1999
Development of catalysts based on pyrovanadates for diesel soot combustion 1999
Catalytic traps for diesel particulate control 1999
Diesel particulate abatement via catalytic traps 2000
Oxidation of FeCrAl alloy: influence of temperature and atmosphere on scale growth rate and mechanism 2001
Degradation at 1200°C of a SiC coated 2D-Nicalon/C/SiC composite processed by SICFILL® method 2000
Suitability of aluminizing for protection of nichel superalloys turbine blades in oxidative and corrosive environments 2001
Production by solid/liquid reaction and characterization of high purity MgB2 powders and thick films for superconducting application 2004
Comprehensive spectral and instrumental approaches for the easy monitoring of features and purity of different carbon nanostructures for nanocomposite applications 2006
Slit coating head 2010
Exploring composites based on PPO blend as ablative thermal protection systems – Part II: The role of equiaxial fillers 2012
Exploring composites based on PPO blend as ablative thermal protection systems – Part I: The role of layered fillers 2012
Influence of the mechanical behaviour of different adhesives on an interference-fit cylindrical joint 2013
Study of the interference contribution on the performance of an adhesive bonded press-fitted cylindrical joint 2014
Polymeric materials as artificial muscles: an overview 2015
Procedimento per formare uno strato protettivo su un substrato metallico di turbina 2005
Catalyzed traps for diesel soot abatement: In situ processing and deposition of perovskite catalyst 2005
Method for forming a protective layer on a metallic turbine substrate 2006
Premixed metal fibre burners based on a Pd catalyst 2003
An analysis of carbon nanotube structure wettability before and after oxidation treatment 2008
Improving macroscopic physical and mechanical properties of thick layers of aligned multiwall carbon nanotubes by annealing treatment 2008
HfB2/SiC as a protective coating for 2D Cf/SiC composites: Effect of high temperature oxidation on mechanical properties 2008
Sonochemical preparation of high surface area MgAl2O4 spinel 2009
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Effect of dc glow discharge plasma treatment on PET/TiO2 thin film surfaces for enhancement of bioactivity 2010
High temperature degradation of plasma sprayed thermal barrier coatings in oxidizing environment 2012
Production and characterization of Ni and Cu composite coatings by electrodeposition reinforced with carbon nanotubes or graphite nanoplatelets 2013