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E-BREAK : Engine Breakthrough Components and Subsystems

E-BREAK (Engine BREAKthrough Components and Subsystems) is a large-scale integrated project, funded by the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission that has started on October 2012 and that is expected to last until September 2016.

E-BREAK will contribute to reducing air traffic emissions by adapting sub-systems to new constraints of temperature and pressure.

The main technological objective of E-BREAK is to develop, validate and integrate specific key subsystem technologies required for ultra-high OPR applications and high BPR engines up to technology readiness levels of 4 to 5. E-BREAK will target sub-systems breakthrough, through improvements regarding mass reduction, material resistance, sealing technologies, oil systems, abradables, tip clearance control, stability of the engine in off-design operations and health monitoring.

These initiatives will bring all technology bricks to a TRL level ensuring the possibility to integrate them in a new aero engines generation to be introduced around 2020.

Research groups: