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Study on new ceramic coated metal powders: Microstructure and properties

Metal/ceramic composite materials were produced with core/shell structure by traditional pressing and the influence of the compacting parameters on the material properties has been studied. Different quantities of ceramic have been introduced to coat the base stainless steel powder. The use of a new generation of coated powders gives the opportunity to achieve near net shape massive composite exhibiting a composite microstructure, with a uniform dispersion of ceramic hard particles embedded in the metal matrix.

Fracture of nitrided and nitrocarburized blunt notch three-point bending die steel specimens

Results of studies on impact tested gas and plasma nitrided or nitrocarburized blunt notch die steel samples with varying notch root radii are presented.

Study of the resistance to washout of PVD coated hot working tool steels

Wear and failure of die casting dies involve a complex interaction between various mechanisms. A CrAlSiN coating system was deposited on the base material, modulating the chemical composition of the chromium or the aluminium-silicon content. A set of the coated specimens was directly analysed through optical and electronic microscopy, so as to assess the overall quality. Other was subjected to a cyclic immersion program in molten aluminium bath. Coating efficiency was determined through electron microscopy analysis. Thermal fatigue was investigated, quantified.

Performance enhancements of die casting tools trough PVD nanocoatings

Wear and failure of die casting dies involve a complex interaction between various mechanisms. The most important wear and failure modes are summarized as follows: (i) the so-called washout damages on working die surfaces are attributed to erosion, corrosion and soldering; (ii) thermal fatigue is the most important failure mode in die casting. The sector of surface thin PVD coatings is constantly enhancing in order to meet the increasing demand for improved performances of tooling. Advanced PVD coatings are designed to withstand severe mechanical and thermal stress conditions.