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Influence of the calcination temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a gel-derived and sintered 3mol% Y-TZP material

A pure coprecipitated 3 mol% Y-TZP powder was subjected to two calcination temperatures, 600° and 1000°C, prior to compaction and sintering. Significant differences in the initial sintering behavior were observed. The lower temperature calcined powder exhibited abnormal grain growth. The resultant mechanical properties mirrored the microstructure with the lower temperature calcined material having lower flexural strength. Hardness measurements of the two sintered bodies revealed significant differences in the two phases of the lower temperature calcined material.

Thermal stability of Cu-K-V catalyst for diesel soot combustion

This paper reports a study on the thermal stability of a Cu-K-V catalyst, which showed particular promise for low temperature combustion of diesel particulate. Prolonged treatments were performed at high temperatures (400-1000°C) for periods up to 15 days under different gaseous atmospheres.