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On the use of fractal geometry concepts for evaluating the wear behaviour of ductile materials. Application to Mn Mo sintered steels

The evolution of friction and wear of Fe-2Mn-0.85Mo-0.5C steels sintered under two different conditions was investigated during dry sliding tests. Irregular behaviour of the friction coefficient was observed and analysed by means of fractal geometry methods. It was proven that the friction coefficient traces had the property of fractal curves. In general, the fractal dimension of friction coefficient trace tended to increase with increasing wear rate. But as the samples investigated were capable of plastic deformation, the measured mass wear rate revealed itself as not a very proper quantity for evaluating the wear process intensity. The volume wear rate seems to be more promising candidate for an appearance in a prospective correlation between the intensity of frictional wear and fractal characteristics of the evolution of frictional force.
ISSN: 1335-8987
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