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Thermal and electronic properties of macroscopic MWCNTs blocks

Massive carpets of well packed, vertically aligned and very long multiwall carbon nanotubes were synthesized by an efficient thermal Chemical Vapour Deposition process. Electrical properties of the material were evaluated, both in terms of "global" characteristics (bulk resistivity) and in terms of "local" properties (Scanning Tunnel Spectroscopy measurements) for as-grown and annealed at different temperatures samples. The behaviour of bulk resistivity as a function of temperature was evaluated in the range 3÷300 K, with a four-probe technique. The resistivity shows a linear dependence with the square root of temperature in the investigated range. From the electrical analyses, it was found that the quality of the MWNTs was improved by the annealing process, since the resistivity decreases. Heat transport properties were evaluated by the laser flash technique in order to study thermal diffusivity. Moreover high temperature behavior of the specific heat capacity of single and multi-wall carbon nanotubes, was measured up to 800 K with a Differential Scanning Calorimeter.
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