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Influence of added polymer emulsions on the short-term physical and mechanical characteristics of plastic mortar

The structure and physicomechanical properties of mortars with added polymer emulsions were compared with those of a pure mortar after curing for 3, 7 and 28 days. No changes were observed in the crystal growth of the hydrated phases. The emulsions did, however, provoke a shift of the pore distribution curve towards higher mean radius values, although this shift became more and more negligible as curing proceeded. Total porosity was more contained when the additive was present, since its fluidifying effect enabled a lower initial water/cement value to be used. Dependence of strength on the percent residual porosity with R > 500 A ĚŠ and on polymer type was also observed. The influence of the polymer is attributable to its type of chemical interaction with the cement paste during hydration.
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