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Grain growth on galvanic deposition of aluminium

Analysis of the grain growth on the galvanic deposition of aluminium is presented aiming to find an optimized process and corresponding ad-hoc designed experimental set-up which guarantees an enhanced quality of the coated layer. In particular, the effects of some process parameters, i.e. deposition time, current density and the liquid agitation on the coating properties of aluminium have been experimentally investigated.The properties of the deposited layer has been evaluated. The multi-parameter investigation has been carried out by the following main steps: firstly, the evaluation of structural changes of the layer have been performed using optical and scanning electron microscopy. Secondly, the chemical composition of the coating has been determined by energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy. Thirdly, roughness measurements have been carried out. The reported results show that appropriately managing the aforementioned parameters, which are directly involved in the deposition process, the quality of the deposited aluminium can be considerably enhanced.
ISSN: 15822214
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