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Enhanced Topology of E-Plane Resonators for High-Power Satellite Applications

A new E -plane filtering structure suitable for very high-power telecom satellite applications is presented. The conceived configuration exploits the design flexibility provided by cascading highly integrated step/stub resonators with pseudoelliptic frequency responses. Several design examples of filters and diplexers in Ku-, K-, and Q-band are reported and supported by experimental tests campaigns. The components have been designed with a full-wave 2-D spectral element method. Prototypes have been realized in aluminum clam-shell technology. Excellent agreement between the models and the experimental results has been achieved. An alternative manufacturing of the proposed architecture based on the selective laser melting technology is also reported. The attractiveness of the structure in view of this emerging additive manufacturing solution is demonstrated. The main advantages of the proposed filter configuration suitable for components operated in heavily loaded multi-carrier environment are: compact design, very low losses, high rejection, and high power-handling capability.
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