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On the effect of process parameters on properties of AlSi10Mg parts produced by DMLS

Purpose - The aim of this research is to reach a deep understanding on the effect of the process parameters of Direct Metal Laser Sintering process (DMLS) on macroscopic properties (hardness and density) of AlSi10Mg parts and resulting microstructure. Design/methodology/approach - A full factorial design of experiment (DOE) was applied to determine the most significant process parameter influencing macroscopic properties of AlSi10Mg parts manufactured by DMLS process. The analysis aims to define the optimum process parameters and deduce the process window that provides better macroscopic properties of AlSi10Mg parts. Optical microscopy observations are carried out to link the microstructure to macroscopic properties. Findings - Macroscopic properties of DMLS parts are influenced by the change in process parameters. There is a close correlation between the geometry of scan tracks and macroscopic properties of AlSi10Mg parts manufactured by DMLS process. Originality/value - The knowledge of utilizing optimized process parameters is important to fabricate DMLS parts with better mechanical properties. The present research based on applying experimental design is the first analysis for AlSi10Mg parts produced in DMLS process.
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